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Topical Finasteride & Minoxidil Solution

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A 2-in-1 topical solution (finasteride and minoxidil) to tackle hair loss and stimulate regrowth.
Easy to apply topical drops
Stimulate hair growth
Less shedding
At-home delivery
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What It Is
How It Works
What to expect
Side Effects
What It Is
How It Works
What to expect
Side Effects
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Why Hair Care at Evernow

Expert guided hair care

Access providers that specialize in hair loss during menopause

Address the ‘root’ cause

Oral and topical solutions to treat female pattern hair loss

A long-term partner

Unlimited ongoing support to help navigate your hair care journey

Proven Results

a woman sitting on a couch while on a laptop computerGet treatment
Source: The Evernow 2021 Menopause Study – collected from over 40,000 women.
Hot flashes
reduction by month 1
94% by month 2
Sleep disruption:
reduction by month 2
70% by month 5
Weight changes:
reduction by month 2
Painful sex:
reduction by month 2
Brain fog:
reduction by month 2
63% by month 4
Skin/Hair changes:
improvement by month 1
84% by month 2
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Source: The Evernow 2021 Menopause Study – collected from over 40,000 women.


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How Evernow works

Complete an online visit
Share what you’re experiencing and connect with a licensed healthcare provider.
Receive a personalized prescription
If prescribed, your first treatment will be sent with free expedited shipping.
Choose your preferred pharmacy when your insurance covers hormone therapy (most do). For out-of-pocket, consider Evernow home delivery to make this option more convenient and affordable.
Unlimited follow-ups included
Message your provider anytime to discuss your treatment, side effects, or other questions or concerns.

Frequently asked questions

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Important Safety Information

What you should know before taking Topical Finasteride & Minoxidil Solution
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About off-label treatments

The FDA approval process requires a rigorous clinical testing process to ensure a drug is safe and effective to treat a particular condition or indication. “Off-label” use is when a provider prescribes an FDA approved drug for an unapproved use (conditions that go beyond its approved indications). Such “off-label” prescribing is legal and commonly practiced. Healthcare providers have the discretion to prescribe drugs off-label if deemed appropriate for a patient based on their medical history, symptoms and preferences.

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